Yupik Project

I am co-leading a team with my colleague Lane Schwartz (UIUC) working on St. Lawrence Island/Central Siberian Yupik. The language is endangered and under-documented. We are working to better document the morphosyntax, semantics, phonology, and phonetics of the language; to digitize existing materials in and on the language; and to create computer tools for language users.

We are currently funded by a pair of collaborative 42-month NSF DEL grants (#1760977, #1761680): “NNA: Collaborative Research: Integrating Language Documentation and Computational Tools for Yupik, an Alaska Native Language”.

Here you can find links to our publications to date, our completed computer tools, and other useful links. Our code is publicly available here.

Our grant got a little bit of publicity here (and here and here) on the Mason site and the project is featured in the spring 2019 issue of Mason’s English Department alumni magazine English Matters as well as the summer 2019 issue of Mason’s magazine Spirit (read the article here).